More Unsettling Accusations Made Against Hamilton NDP MPPs

Monique Taylor accused of ordering staff to make sexual harassment complaint

Thursday, May 17, 2018

TORONTO—Andrea Horwath continues to stand behind her Hamilton candidates who face multiple complaints. The NDP leader is hiding behind investigations she hopes will drag out past election day. Andrea Horwath is choosing to remain silent while NDP candidate Paul Miller faces accusations of racist and homophobic comments. Now, a document filed with the Human Rights Tribunal in March and posted on the Bay Observer website has revealed the toxic work environment created by Hamilton Mountain NDP candidate Monique Taylor.

Selections from the filing include: 

“Monique Taylor…has discriminated against me, harassed me, reprised against me and poisoned my work environment”
“She bullies and demeans us regularly”
“Most problematic though is that she has made unfound allegations against my colleagues and complaints about them with respect to their relationship with me despite my express request”
“Despite my explanation that I did not feel sexually harassed Monique continued to demand that I make a complaint […] I continued to refuse and Monique then became increasingly frustrated and hostile towards me on the basis that I would not make a sexual harassment complaint”
"I believe that Monique's conduct has infringed on my sexual integrity by telling me how to act and feel about ----'s conduct"
"I believe this conduct also constitutes sexual harassment in contravention of the code"

Instead of addressing these troubling accusations being levelled at her candidates, Andrea Horwath is dragging her feet in hopes people will cast their ballots before she is forced to act. Andrea Horwath needs to immediately release the findings of investigations into Paul Miller and Monique Taylor and commit to removing these two NDP candidates should the accusations be proven accurate.


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